1940s Marmot Fur Cape Stole



You wouldn't think of the 1940s as a time of excess. That is, not unless you were a Hollywood starlet under contract with MGM, Paramount, or another major motion picture studio during that time. Here is a list of the fur wardrobe acquired by actress Marsha Hunt, a leading lady during the late Thirties and 'Forties:  (1) a fitted black caracul coat; (2) a boxy swagger coat of white galyak; (3) a lynx jacket; (4) a 3/4 length white fox coat; (5) a two-piece red fox coat; (6) a black and white plaid wool coat with white wolf collar; (7) a long black wool evening coat with a cape/collar of white ermine; (8) a black fox muff and hat (9) a cocoa beige stone marten muff and hat; (10) a mink coat. Whew, quite an impressive list! (Okay, she did admit it was over a 15 year span), but where was her stole?  A gorgeous, rich auburn hued fur, we think this marmot stole epitomizes the look of the 'Forties - with its full cut, swing style and broad shoulder - and we love the slits for your arms, so it really does wear more like a cape than a stole. Shawl collar with hook closures in the front. Lined in brown crepe, except for a bit of thinning at the back collar, it's in excellent condition. Shoulder to shoulder is 16", length is 26". Carries a Mendel Bros of Chicago label.   $315




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